Why go Vegan?


So if you read my What is Veganism?  blog, then you should have an understanding of what veganism actually is. You may be thinking, OK, I understand what it is by why on Earth would anyone want to do that?

Well there are a few reasons people come to this lifestyle, and I can pretty much guarantee that 99% of vegans don’t become vegan to be “cool” or “on trend”, as it is shown in the media.

The reasons people become vegan go much deeper than surface level or vanity.

Now let’s have a look.


This is the main reason people become vegan, they learn the truth regarding how animals are treated and the pain and suffering those animals are subjected to, their whole lives. They can’t face being a part of that, so they stop.

The problem with this reason and relating to the general population is that pretty much all of us, have been brought up as meat eaters, we are taught (subconsciously) or consciously that animals are products. They belong to humans, we can use them how we wish and they don’t feel pain or deserve a second thought from humans. We have the right to use them and what’s more, we NEED to consume animals and their products to be healthy.

This is thrown at us from society, family, media and governments from a young age. So we don’t question it.

Until we do.

When we question this and look deeper and open our minds and hearts, we really see these animals for what they actually are, not what we have perceived them to be, then the world shifts (OK bit dramatic) your world shifts, your perception is altered and you start questioning a lot more about life (I know I did).


Another main reason for people choosing this lifestyle, is to help the environment. The meat and dairy industry, globally is a mammoth industry, with billions of animals in it. This industry is responsible for making a huge negative impact on our environment.

From deforestation and habitat destruction (especially in Brazil) to grow the soya beans used to feed animals, to the vast amount of water needed to sustain these animals. The global livestock industry uses a third of all the fresh water on Earth. Not to mention the greenhouse gases created by this industry. A UN report concluded that the livestock industry is responsible for 18% of all greenhouse gases! Just for a bit of comparison all the world transport (cars, trains, planes etc etc) is responsible for 13%.


Human health is such a confusing topic, we are told one week that “insert food type here” is a super-food, the next week we shouldn’t eat “insert food type here”. It has been a long frustration of mine, and there seems to be no clear answer. Every diet book author boasting that their diet is the best thing since sliced bread (but you can’t eat bread this week!) Anyway I digress.

One thing that does seem clear (sort of) is that a vegan diet (if done correctly) is the healthiest way to live. It is lower in saturated fat, lower in cholesterol, higher in antioxidants and higher in fibre. Think about it for a minute, we are always told to eat more fruits and veggies right? Contrary to popular belief, you can get all the nutrition needed on a vegan diet.

Now I am not a nutritionist by any stretch of the imagination and I would implore you to do your own research on nutrition and on veganism in general. I will of course have more blogs coming for you, specifically about vegan nutrition.


Veganism can help people too, this may seem strange at first. Apart from all the health benefits of adopting a plant based diet and how it helps each individual personally, it can also help other people around the world.

It is a more sustainable way of eating, a plant-based diet requires only one third of the land needed to support a meat and dairy diet. Also the people in poorer countries and growing crops to feed animals instead of themselves! Which is a tragedy and just ridiculous! People are going hungry so the animals can be fed, which are grown for animal products and then fed to other humans.


Many people who are spiritual adopt a vegan lifestyle as it fits in with their beliefs. I am not religious, never have been. However I am spiritual. In all religions it states that we shouldn’t harm other beings. Most people take that as just humans but the religious texts don’t specify. So some people open it up to include animals too!


Now I cannot stress enough how easy it is to be vegan right now! There is so much information out there it is mind boggling! It is so much easier than it was 30 years ago or even 3 years ago! The vegan movement is changing rapidly and expanding at the same rate! There are new vegan products all the time, much more widely available, even mainstream restaurants are introducing vegan menus!

More and more people are becoming vegan every year and will continue to do so as the general public become more accepting of the lifestyle.


Thanks for reading! I hope this blog helped you.


Have a great day!


Love Lainey xx

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